4 Useful Tips That Will Help You Network Like The Pros

As a college student, you are probably aware of the importance and huge impact networking can have in our success. Networking allows us to form professional...

As a college student, you are probably aware of the importance and huge impact networking can have in our success. Networking allows us to form professional relationships as well as exchange knowledge with others.

As a student, it can be difficult to get a job related to your major if you do not have connections. Think about it, who would you prefer to work with? A complete stranger or someone referred by someone you trust. I think the answer is obvious.

Networking can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where and how to start. Being honest, there isn’t a specific path you must follow. You can network anywhere at any time. To make life easier for you, we have researched 4 useful tips that can help you network like the pros.

1. Attend events
Having connections plays a big role in professional growth. Attending events related to your dream job and connecting with people you normally wouldn’t can be beneficial for you as you are able to exchange knowledge with that person.

You shouldn’t stop at just talking to people at the event. Try to build a long lasting professional relationship by asking for their socials, email, or phone number. With their contact information you’ll be able to occasionally contact them and maintain a professional relationship.

2. Be yourself
Be yourself. People can recognize when you are acting differently as your body language will let them know whether you are being yourself or not. By being yourself, you are building long lasting relationships as you are able to trust the decisions and judgments you make. Plus, others will respect you for being who you are, which will make them trust you more.

3. Don’t just take, give
Many college students make the huge mistake of just wanting to take but not give. They network with people with the goal of asking for job opportunities, referrals, etc., but they don’t give anything in return.

If you want someone to add value to your life, you have to add value to theirs. For example, before asking someone to review your resume, make sure you comment something positive on their socials.

4. Follow up
You need to keep in touch with the people you network with. As I mentioned earlier, when networking, you should focus on building long lasting relationships by getting that person's contact details, that way you can keep in touch.

Let’s say you meet someone at an event. One month later you send them an email asking something. By then, you are a complete stranger to them and your message will get no response.

To avoid this, you want to follow up politely every now and then. Remember, you need to respect the other person's boundaries. So, how can you keep in touch with them? You can comment on their posts, send them a private message or email, occasionally send them an article about something that is important to both of you, and share your solution to a problem they shared with you.

Networking is difficult. Keeping in touch with the people you network with is difficult. Either way, investing time and energy into building long lasting professional relationships will always pay off.

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